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10x tame, 1x consumption

Note: we don't have the mod that's listed, just use obelisks or beacons

If you like to breed dinos, or want to trade a dino to someone who does, OR like to know a dino's stats, download this!




Resource Map
Dino Spawn Map
Artifacts & Explorer Notes

Resource Map
Dino Spawn Map
Artifacts & Explorer Notes

Crystal Isles

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Why is gamma disabled?
The gamma is disabled because night time in ARK is meant to be difficult, it’s meant to be a challenge. Nights on our server are significantly shorter than vanilla. There are also numerous ways that you can light areas up and get around it (night vision goggles, glowsticks, torches, glowpets, shadowsteak, etc. Just to name a few.)

Why do my dinosaurs keep dropping things?
It’s part of the passive protect mod! In order to prevent dinosaurs from being used as invincible storage, dinosaurs will drop things that aren’t food from their inventory while passive protect is enabled. They will not drop things while being ridden, on follow, or not at full hp.

Why can’t I pick my dinosaur up with my flier?
Again, part of the passive protect mod. The easiest ways to temporarily disable the passive protect are to hit “t” then “y” onto the dinosaur in quick succession (put them on follow, then make it unfollow) or punching your dinosaur once or twice to drop them below full hp.

Why can’t I put a saddle on my dinosaur?
See above.

Why are there 3 different spyglasses? Which one do I use?
Omnicular is currently the “best”. Omnicular can view a dino’s HP, gender, and even torpor (if you press the N key). The vanilla spyglass can be used to view enemy structure and dino owners. 


upgraded spyglasses
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new weapons
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mods that alter or add dinos

Base defense guide!
1. Location, location, location.  Avoid player spawn areas and try to find a place that has limited access to it for land dinos.  Flyers are easy to deter with the right amount of turrets (both plant and regular).  There are main traffic routes and resource spawn areas, so try to avoid building near/on them.

2. Active Defenses.  Get yourself some plant and regular turrets, this is a given.  Plant turrets are the easiest defense to setup and with S+ Farmers, Item Collectors, and a dung beetle, you can easily maintain with minimum effort.  ⅓ of all turrets should be set to Player Only targeting. A player with C4 can be more dangerous than any dino.

3. Passive Defenses.  Never underestimate spikes.  They are good for funneling potential raiders to where you want them to go, securing your border to give more reaction time, and for making sure people just can’t walk up to your walls and place C4.

4. Building Material.  Yes, this comes up a lot.  Build out of metal, or if you don’t want to gather cementing paste, use the handy Castle and Keeps mod.  The keep level doesn’t require any cementing paste, is considered metal tier, and can be used to also camouflage your base.  Glass walls also work if you are stuck on the look of stone, wood, and/or thatch as a perimeter wall..

5. Camouflage.  There are eco decoration mods, landscape included, so take advantage of them!  A few trees to hide you from flyovers, bushes to hide your spikes, and random ‘decorations’ will hide the lack of respawning resources around your base.  Also, don’t forget about dyes! Forest green can help your base be less visible in a forested area, or sandstone Castle walls in the desert.

6. Know Your Neighbors.  Whether you are choosing a base location or already set one up, know your neighbors!  Some may feel threatened if you build too close to them or just not like the fact that they have to alter their own building.  Also, never underestimate them as allies.  They won’t be shot by your turrets and they can help if you are raided!

7. Building Style.  Don’t box.  Seriously, it’s not good.  Use angles to make sure your turrets can fire and make sure whenever you are building, you are thinking of defense.  The 3x3 Castles and Keeps mod walls only have the same health as a single wall, and aren't recommended for bases (except perhaps other than for a dino pen). Remember again the area you chose, if you want to avoid drawing attention, don’t build too high! 

8. Multiple Structures. Having a dino pen is definitely a given, even if to keep your passive dinos away from spawns.  This being said, try not to have them too close to your main base.  Also, ‘turret towers’ can be a good defensive lineup around your exterior, giving another line of defense.  People will have to use more resources to get in. People also don't want to raid your dino pen. It won't have anything worth looting in it!

9. Interior Defenses.  Your last row of defense should be inside!  Turrets and dinos in your crafting room and vault room will make sure that if they do get in, you’ll pluck a few of them away.  Troodons, microraptors, and thieving dinos that can move easily in your corridors are great ways to make sure to bring the fight to them when they get inside!  Also, never underestimate having separate rooms.  The more doors they have to blow through and defenses they have to go through, the more resources they’ll use up.

10. Unlock! Unlock your crafting stations.  Honestly, if someone gets in, and they have to destroy your crafting station to loot it, then anything they didn't take from within will decay in a bag on the floor, which no one wants.  Keep your vault locked as it’ll require many explosives to blow than a crafting station or storage boxes would. The foundations underneath your vault might even be destroyed before the vault itself, which will thus destroy the vault, so try to put your vaults on high-health metal foundations. You can also unlock your dino pen (personal preference) so that people can easily see that it’s a passive dino pen that doesn't have loot inside.

11. Have a fallback!  Never, ever, keep all your goods in one spot.  If you do get raided, all your good stuff should never be in one spot.  This just makes you a bigger and easier target.

12. Cave damage. Remember that structures in caves take 3x damage!! 1 C4 can destroy many many stone foundations. Raiders, especially on initial raids, don't want to destroy your base. If you're still in stone, be aware of this. I can't stress this enough.

13. It can happen to you. Learn from your mistakes if you're raided, and maybe even speak to the raiders to find out how they got in. Sometimes relocating is what you may need to do to feel safe. Learn, adapt, move on, and don't be too angry. There's a PvP channel in Discord if you need to vent!

14. A raider is not necessarily an asshole. Not every person who raids wanted to destroy certain aspects of your base, and often are willing to help you rebuild! Especially if they felt you weren't as established as you seemed from the outside, or if you didn't have the resources, blueprints, etc. that they were after. This is especially important for why you need to remember that unlocking your crafting stations can keep you from getting set back so far if you're raided.

Thanks so much to Aelsius for writing this guide!!
(Edited by Elle)